10 Common Office Problems CEOs Shouldn’t Have to Care About

As every CEO knows all too well, there are only so many hours in the day.

Successful CEOs—who have a seemingly endless amount of tasks on their plate—are able to continue growing their companies in spite of time constraints because they’re able to focus on the most important issues they face.

In other words, the best CEOs aren’t bogged down by the minutiae that cripples their less effective peers.

For example, under the current leasing model, many CEOs are unexpectedly forced to deal with common office problems—despite the fact that they aren’t real estate agents, office managers, or landlords.

This is due to the fact that the commercial real estate industry, as it’s existed for the last several decades, is rather opaque—and not designed for the benefit of tenants. By the time you ultimately find out about the downsides of a particular office arrangement, you’ve already signed a long-term lease.

When CEOs find themselves trapped in an old-fashioned office lease and have to focus on any of the following 10 common office problems, they aren’t able to focus on doing whatever they can to get their business to the next level. While many of these issues may seem trivial, the reality is that many CEOs and other C-suite executives in burgeoning startups are faced with day-to-day decisions about the smallest of workplace necessities. In the event they’re unwilling to deal with these responsibilities or they simply don’t have the time, leadership may decide to hire a full-time office manager—a position they might not have budgeted for.

1. Hand soap

Under no justifiable scenario should a CEO have to figure out how to restock things like hand soap, toilet paper, and office supplies.

2. Garbage

CEOs didn’t sign up to be custodians. They shouldn’t have to think about why garbages aren’t being changed—or tracking down the right people to talk to about it.

3. Food and drink

Run out of coffee or snacks? CEOs have more important things on their minds than making sure there are enough refills for the communal Keurig machine.

4. Outgrowing space

While CEOs should be concerned about whether their staff has enough room, they shouldn’t have to worry about where to move their companies to. The time-exhaustive method of touring isn’t a reasonable strategy for most companies.

5. Malfunctioning technology

The printer isn’t working. The internet is incredibly slow and WiFi is spotty. These problems are all serious. But CEOs aren’t IT admins.

6. Temperature

Too hot or too cold in the office? CEOs aren’t HVAC technicians, either.

7. Suboptimal seating configurations

Are employees stacked on top of each other like sardines? If so, productivity could be crushed. CEOs can avoid such a situation by moving into offices designed to their exact specifications to begin with.

8. Dirty kitchens

Did an employee make a mess in the microwave? Are dishes scattered all across the kitchen? These issues are certainly annoying. But they should never be on a CEO’s radar.

9. Branding issues

When someone’s looking for your office, they shouldn’t have a hard time finding it. Company branding should be prominently displayed.

10. An unexciting atmosphere

If your office is a place where people show up late, work until the end of the day, and then leave immediately, your company probably won’t have lots of camaraderie. On the flipside, when the office is an exciting place to be—and there are regular networking events going on in the vicinity on a regular basis—employees will enjoy showing up to work, learning new things, and meeting new people. CEOs shouldn’t have to worry about which category their office falls into.

Guess what? Knotel can make sure your company avoids all 10 of these problems. Drop us a note to learn more.