12 Inexpensive Ways to Brand Your Office and Inspire Your Team

Every growing company needs to find a way to break through the noise of their industry. Very few organizations are without competitors to battle, even if that competition is just the status quo. To create a fan base of customers, companies need to communicate what makes them better in a consistent and compelling way.

That effort is what we all know as branding. When it’s well developed—meaning it’s more than a logo and a slogan—branding communicates the value of a company’s product as well as giving insight into its ethos and culture.

Branding is most powerful when it’s experienced, and your office is the best place to translate company messages into memorable moments.

Sound expensive? It sure can be, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are twelve relatively inexpensive ways to brand your office.

1. Bring in custom art. A wall mural is a terrific way to tell your story in an engaging way. You can usually get a solid deal if you hire a local artist. Murals also make a great backdrop for press photos and instagram snaps, giving your brand exposure beyond the office walls.

2. Lean on color. Color is probably the easiest and cheapest way to visually brand an office. Paint a few accent walls, spray paint the ceiling, match chalkboard paint to your palette—just be intentional in selecting colors around your office.

3. Be graphic. If you don’t have the time or intuition to work on a mural or color program, get a great design off the shelf. Etsy artisans offer a huge range of peel-and-stick “wallpapers” that are easy to put up, easy to take down and look really sophisticated.

4. Invite the family. You should be proud of every customer you’ve earned. Show them off! If you sell to large companies, display their logos to tell your success story. If you sell to individuals, frame their photos and create an amazing customer wall.

5. Dress your team. Startups love swag. It’s a scientific fact. Put real thought into designing your wearable swag and you’ll see your brand take life and walk around the office.

6. Caffeinate. Why is your swag walking around the office? To get more coffee. Even if the final destination is a meeting, there will be a coffee stop along the way. Print your logo on a set of mugs. Just order extras so your team doesn’t have to feel bad about stealing them—after all, it’s more free exposure for your brand.

7. Brag. Your people are without a doubt your best asset so make them the focal point of your brand experience. Blow up photos, funny sayings, and insightful quotes to fill the space.

8. Star on TV. When you’re branding on a budget, use what you’ve got. Create a standard slide with company colors and your logo to be the default screen on monitors around the office.

9. Use your outdoor voice. Whether you have a carefully-crafted company motto or just an informal slogan that your team loves, write it big and bold on your primary walls.

10. Get lit. Good lighting is goes a long way to making your team productive [internal link to other blog post]. If you’re able to install pendant fixtures, order them in a color that matches your company’s color palette.

11. Drop names. For a fun, non-visual way to brand your office, name different areas, like meeting rooms, after your products, leadership team or local places.

12. Listen to your mother. There are a lot of small, inexpensive ways to brand your office, but nobody will notice if they’re surrounded by clutter. Keep your space clean and tidy for your efforts to have the maximum impact.