How Business Objectives and Brand Inform the Ideal Workplace

Your brand is more than just a logo, or, at least, it should be. Companies know that their brand is an integral part of creating a positive work culture, but they’re just beginning to understand the full impact it can have on achieving their business goals. When you think of your brand as integral to smart interior design and a thoughtful workplace strategy, magic things can happen.

Obviously, there is a lot more to planning a space than just how many people you have and how much square footage you need. Before branding even enters the conversation, the key considerations should be your business objectives and how your team works — not just physically in a space, but culturally, too. In an ideal world, how would your team function? From a workplace strategy perspective, it’s more about aligning the space with business objectives than it is making sure you’re picking the right color couch.

Branding and business objectives should fit hand in glove, but if prioritizing results is important to you (duh), then business objectives need to come first. So, say you have a product team that needs to work heads down and a creative team that needs to work collaboratively: how does the space enable both teams to be productive to achieve your company’s overarching revenue goals?

Once you’ve established the framework of a space that enables your team to do its best work, then it’s time to talk about how best to incorporate your brand — and, again, it goes way beyond the logo and brand colors. It’s important to define what level of brand visibility makes sense for your company’s culture, and there is a whole range to choose from, from bold colors in-your-face as soon as you step off the elevator, to subtle touches in unexpected places, to clean and minimal in a formal, client-facing environment.

At Knotel, nerding out on the latest ideas about workplace innovation is what we live for, and we’re excited to show you how we’ve interpreted and executed on these ideas for clients in our 2018 Lookbook.