4 Money-Saving Perks That Will Make Your Employees Happy

As a growing company, one of the biggest problems you'll face is ensuring that your company has enough runway to last until you raise your next round. At times, this means you'll have to compromise on the traditional monetary benefits that more established companies can grant their employees. Despite the challenge this limitation presents when it comes to hiring and retaining top talent, there are 4 great office perks you can provide to attract new employees and keep your current team members happy.

1. Let employees be CEO for a day

If you want to get genuine feedback on how the business could be improved, let your employees be CEO for a day. Listen to their ideas and allow them to contribute: from business initiatives to changes in culture and hiring, you’ll empower them to influence the direction of the company — and make them feel more valued in the process.

4 Money-Saving Perks That Will Make Your Employees Happy

2. Pawternity leave

Giving employees a few days off to welcome a new puppy or pet into their lives is a low-cost way to show that you care about their relationships outside of work.

3. Discounts at area businesses

Encourage your employees to enjoy life outside of the office through discounts at area businesses. Knotel provides its members with discounts on restaurants, drinks, gym memberships, car services, and more. Even a small discount can go a long way — and, not to mention, create great partnerships for your business in the long-run.

4 Money-Saving Perks That Will Make Your Employees Happy

4. The office space itself

When employees are happy with their surroundings, they’re not only excited to come into work in the morning, but they are also inspired turn out their best work. The best part? Knotel can take care of this perk for your business at an affordable cost.

Knotel has furnished the offices of growing companies like Cheddar, COTA, and Stash, branding and servicing their headquarters as part of a cost-effective membership. We also provide flexible agreements that allow you to sign on for as much space as you want on a timeline that works for your business, saving you money in the long-run.

If you're interested in a Knotel HQ, email our growth team at growth@knotel.com to see what Knotel can do for your business.