5 Stunning Headquarters For Teams of 100+

When your team reaches 100+ people, you have to tighten a lot of loose ends – from streamlining onboarding to enlarging your HR offerings. Among the more obvious issues? Space.

Having enough space is crucial to ensuring that your company stays productive and develops a cohesive culture — not to mention that a dedicated HQ, versus crowded coworking, ensures that everyone on your team stays (somewhat) sane.

At Knotel, we provide HQs for teams of 20 to 500, and we chose our favorite spaces for teams of 100+ with room to grow. It doesn’t hurt that these spaces are easy on the eyes, either.

1. Knotel 137 Varick (SoHo West)

Knotel has the 3rd and 8th floors of this beautiful SoHo West location, with 14,500 square feet of modern office space on each floor, windows on all four sides and skylights on the 8th floor. A bright, modern HQ in the heart of Hudson square, this space is ready for the next ambitious team that knows how to work hard and play hard.

2. Knotel 1 State Street (Battery Park)

To the fast-growing team of 100 and counting: meet Knotel Battery Park, a space with capacity for 400. With 26,000 square feet of office space looking out onto the Statue of Liberty and Governor’s Island, this HQ is built for the next up-and-coming empire.

3. Knotel 16 West 22nd (Flatiron)

Describing this location with just one adjective? We give up. This modern-classy-breathaking space near Madison Square Park features 13,000 square feet of office space on the 6th floor of 16 West 22nd Street. It has six conference rooms, seven phone booths, and two kitchens (for the team that can’t get enough of the office snack supply) — not to mention, room for 135 people.

Designed for multi-use, this space is the NYC home of TechStars, an international accelerator with a portfolio of 1,000+ companies that have raised over $3.3B. TechStars has been able to use the Flatiron space to inspire everything from their networking events to the innovative founders and entrepreneurs accepted into its 3-month accelerator program.

4. Knotel 475 Park Avenue South

This is the corporate, powerhouse HQ. The show-this-space-off-to-your-clients HQ. The 16,000-sq-ft-of-corporate-office-overlooking-Park-Avenue-South HQ.

With a recently renovated and attended lobby, four passenger elevators, and seven conference rooms, this HQ comes dressed to impress for the next 100+ person team.

5. Knotel 28 West 23rd (Flatiron)

With 25,000 square feet of office space on the 12th floor, 24/7 key card access, a lounge area spacious enough to host events and company gatherings, and a beautiful view of the Empire State Building, Knotel Flatiron is perfect for the versatile team that craves workspace flexibility and an easy transition from day-to-night activities.

Fast-growing member company Stash, a micro-investing platform that recently raised a $40M series C, currently uses this space to take the fintech industry by storm.

HQs like these ease your growing pains so you can get back to what matters most: your business. Do any of these workspaces look like your next 100-person HQ? If so, give us a shout at growth@knotel.com.