5 Warning Signs Your Business Has Outgrown Its Coworking Space

Coworking is fun when you’re a small team of recent college grads and headache-inducing when you’re growing. These early warning signs are the growing pains you need to pay attention to (for the sake of your sanity and that of your employees) so that you can start the search for your own branded HQ.

1. You can’t hear yourself think.

There are at least three salespersons on a call with a lead at the same time that — just four feet away — someone from marketing is asking that an email campaign be reviewed an hour before it’s supposed to be sent out. Suddenly, employees start disappearing to work on other floors or in the hotel lobby across the street just to hear the sound of their own thoughts.

2. There are no conference rooms available — ever.

After your failed attempt to kick out that one guy who has taken over Room 3B with a frantic, but hesitant, “Hey…do you have this room booked?”, you’re running up and down floors trying to find at least one room that isn’t occupied. After 5 minutes, you give up, and just hold the meeting in the middle of the office common space, or worse, in the stairwell, just to get things done.

3. When someone new arrives, someone else has to give up or share their desk.

Now that you’re growing, you’re starting to notice that the desks are way too big. Everyone is sharing a desk or giving theirs up completely and people are everywhere — on the couches, getting booted out of conference rooms, working somewhere up on the 5th, 6th, or 7th floor..

4. One quick question turns into a saga to find a coworker

Where did Kara from tech go?? She’s not at her desk because, well, no one really has their own desk, and she’s not answering the Slack you sent her 10 minutes ago. You start walking the halls, poking your head into 7 other suites that house your coworkers to see if anyone knows her whereabouts. When you get back to your desk, Kara has responded that she’s working on the 8th floor for the day — you’re on 2nd.

As much as some of us love a great scavenger hunt, a workday hunt just isn’t sustainable.

5. Constant interruptions from next door neighbors

Your “cool” startup neighbors seem to have a great culture — you know this because you can hear them all. the. time: walking the halls on sales calls, joking and laughing in the crowded kitchen, holding an early, rowdy happy hour in the suite right next to yours. And no matter how many times you insist that you have a deadline, they pop their heads in to loudly say hello…Nope. It’s time to move.

If you can identify with all of these growing pains (or are adding to this list in your head), check out Knotel. We provide flexible, branded headquarters for growth-stage companies — whether your team is ready to double or triple its headcount this year. Talk to a member of our growth team today: growth@knotel.com.