Before and After: 6 Incredible Office Space Makeovers

Because Knotel properties have tripled this year alone, our construction and design teams have quickly become experts at office transformations. The key to a great office space makeover? Getting to know the company that will be using the space.

“Our team gets to know a company’s aesthetic,” says Chelsea Garber, Lead Designer at Knotel. “We learn about the functionality of their office, who they are, how they work, and what’s important to them to have in their space. Then we create an HQ that’s truly one-of-a-kind.”

Take a look at a few of our favorite transformations below; you won’t believe what these spaces used to look like.

1. Union Square: 50 West 17th Street

Most companies would say that building an office space in less than 3 weeks during the holiday season is impossible. Knotel did it in 2.5, condensing a multi-month, small fortune project into the client’s timeline and budget.

The client, SOSA, is a startup incubator that needed a high level of customization for the companies it housed. Knotel was able to create 7 custom rooms within this 6,600 square foot space along with collaborative, common space for events with investors, partners, and influential founders.

2. FiDi: 40 Exchange Place

“The concept [for 40 Exchange]” was to create an industrial and contemporary space, in keeping with the Wall Street vibes,” says Sydney Wells, Design Associate at Knotel. “To avoid making the space feel too heavy, we used a mix of black and white with hints of organic finishes: natural oak, steel, and textured fabrics.”

3. Bryant: 22 West 38th Street

Knotel Bryant houses many smaller, early-stage startups who desire an “informal but serious” vibe that embodies both transparency and collaboration. To meet this demand, our construction and design teams implemented an open floor layout with plenty of nontraditional areas — complete with quirky patterns and relaxed seating– for employees to socialize.

4. Flatiron: 28 West 23rd Street

This stunning 25,000 square foot space is the home of Stash, a micro-investing company whose primary space concerns revolved around growth, privacy, and internal branding.
Knotel built the space that would allow Stash to grow from a team of 39 to 90. Our team also customized the space with accents of Stash’s brand purple, signage that displayed Stash’s taglines — “invest yourself”, and creative conference room decals in keeping with the brand. Knotel also built and outfitted 8 meeting rooms, including a private room for the founders to have confidential conversations.

5. Herald Square: 875 6th Avenue

“Our intention for this site was to make it stand out by being bright and using a playful and energetic color scheme,” Sydney says of this 9,700 square foot space peppered with blue and green accents — from couch throw pillows to potted plants. “The design is a mix of industrial with really soft finishes in the fabrics and materials.”
This office space boasts several communal areas for employees to socialize — from a kitchen, bar, and lunch tables to plush lounge seating.

6. SoHo: 137 Varick

In the heart of one of New York’s trendiest neighborhoods, Knotel Varick embodies “industrial chic.”

“We designed this space to maintain the character of the older building while reflecting the feeling of the neighborhood, situated near SoHo in the traditionally industrial area,” Sydney adds. “The design is nostalgic and sexy, with leather and velvet finishes and dark woods to compliment the loungey aesthetic.”

The best part about these transformations is that they were completed in record timing, allowing members to enjoy a fully customized, move-in ready HQ in a matter of weeks. Want your own office space makeover? Email us at