Knotel is shaping the conversation about work. Changing the way companies think about their space.

Knotel Week LA in Photos

Knotel Week LA was a West Coast whirlwind of industry thought leadership, private showroom tours, and a glamorous wrap party with death-defying performances befitting the City of Angels. Here's the week in pictures.

What’s Going On with San Francisco Office Space?

Northern California is synonymous with beautiful coastlines, nice wine, and billion-dollar real estate deals. San Francisco has long been a hot spot for growing companies, but more than ever the Bay Area beckons tenured tenants with long-term strategies in their sights.

Knotel Next in Pictures

Experience our first-ever live product reveal through the eyes of our roving photographer.

Knotel Launches a Furniture Subscription Service for Offices

Knotel is announcing its own modular furniture line called Geometry that will be available exclusively as a subscription rental, initially for tenants of Knotel’s offices, and eventually for anyone.

The Real Cost to Build Out Your Office

Understanding JLL’s Office Cost Benchmarking Report.

Knotel Week London in Photos

What a week. Thank you to everyone who came out for lunch, dinner, or drinks at Knotel Week London.

Knotel Receives IFMA NYC Chapter Workplace Innovation Award

For Knotel, a flexible office provider and winner of IFMA NYC’s 2018 Workplace Innovation Award, the Mission & Vision statements are bold and client-centric: “build a world class platform that transforms how real estate is experienced” and “create agile spaces that liberate companies to innovate and scale.

Is an Improved Office Experience the Answer to the UK’s Productivity Slump?

The UK’s most recent productivity slump is intricately tied to the employee experience — and heads of property/real estate should take note.

Exploring the Flexible Ecosystem

Nothing happens in a vacuum, and seismic changes in how companies find and occupy office space have already set off ripples throughout the CRE industry. If we style this changing industry as a glorious new ecosystem unto itself, then flexibility is the amoeba at the root of it all. What this means is that all of CRE’s key players stand to benefit from flexibility, often in a mutual capacity. Here’s a high-level overview of how it works.

The Power 100

Flexible-office-space provider Knotel is helping spearhead the future of the workplace.

Space as a Service is Changing Real Estate and the Way Companies Work

At a Propmodo Metatrends 2019 event, a roundtable was convened to examine space as a service, its impact on traditional commercial real estate, and its future in the marketplace.

'Let's Have A Drink' NYC: Knotel CEO Amol Sarva

Bisnow has a new podcast series, "Let’s Have A Drink," where we sit down with the personalities who shape New York City real estate — the most cutthroat, challenging and thrilling market in the world.