A Comprehensive "Returning to Workspace" Guide

Knotel’s team of workplace experts is working closely with our real estate partners and health experts to safely transition our customers and team members back to the workspace.

This unprecedented situation has yielded a number of questions about the best approach to take to ensure safety and business continuity. We’ve created this guide to help answer as many as possible.

Below you’ll find our most up-to-date information and resources that we will continue to expand upon as our understanding grows.

During this time of transition, we are pleased to provide you with some helpful information as you prepare to return to your workspace.

Download our Return to the Workspace guide, which includes considerations you can make as you plan your return and printable signage you can use in your space to better account for new social distancing norms. For those outside the United States, please email content@knotel.com for a market-specific version.

Download our white paper The Evolving Workplace of the COVID Era to learn more about what employees value the most about in a workspace, how the "workday" has changed and what employees want from their post-COVID office.

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Over the last several weeks, we've had the chance to sit down with premiere Heads of Real Estate to talk about what's next for office and workplace.

A Conversation with Dropbox's Head of Real Estate
Knotel CEO Amol Sarva talks to Nasim Yalpani, Dropbox's Head of Real Estate and Workplace Services, about corporate footprints post-pandemic. To watch, click here.

Returning To The Office, Part 1: Practical Tips, Tools & Guidance Knotel workplace strategists Christina Cooper and Mei Lin Ng share practical tips, tools and guidance for companies building their "Return to Office" playbooks. To watch, click here.

Around The World in 45 Minutes Part 1: London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam & Dublin
Knotel GMs share highlights from their comprehensive resumption plans intended to safely welcome employees back to the office. First up: London, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin and Berlin. To watch, click here.

Around The World in 45 Minutes Part 2: NYC, SF, LA & Toronto
After weeks of shutdown, the nation is beginning to slowly and cautiously re-emerge. During this session, you'll get tactical best practices, timelines and on-the-ground updates from Knotel execs in New York, San Francisco, LA, Toronto and more. To watch, click here.

Vanity Fair: A Pandemic Won’t Kill the Open Office, but Slack Could.

“The last decade saw the home migrate to the office,” said Amol Sarva, the CEO of Knotel. He cited the proliferation of couches, cafes, and communal space that marks the modern-day activity-based office. His prediction for the long term is that coronavirus will again shift the balance between work and home. “Offices are going to become more office-like.”

National Geographic: Goodbye to open office spaces? How experts are rethinking the workplace.

“The broad stroke is that the open office is over, but there’s a bunch of different things that that means,” says Amol Sarva, CEO of Knotel, whose clients include Uber and Netflix.

In the long run, Sarva says, getting back to work is not just about floor plans, but about a dramatic shift in office life as we know it.

Wall Street Journal: Welcome Back to the Office. Your Every Move Will Be Watched.

The pandemic’s “consequences are far-reaching, and it is going to change the way all these places work,” said Amol Sarva, chief executive of flexible-office company Knotel.