How Do I Create a Space Built For Diverse Work Styles?

Welcome to Q&A with Knotel Design, a blog series where we speak with the Knotel Design team on creating custom spaces that reflect the culture, mission, and needs of member companies. The Knotel Design Team has put together the beautiful and innovative offices of companies like Stash, Teachable, and The Body Shop.

Q: How do I create a space built for different or diverse work styles?

A: In considering the optimal productivity for diverse work styles, we have to think about the company and their needs from day one. What does an advertising company need versus a tech company? Do people need desk privacy? Do we need to rearrange the desks to allow for collaboration? And while collaboration is critical for a lot of individuals, there is also a need for private and personal space. We always consider a small room that only fits a few chairs equally as important as a larger conference room.

When it comes to more non-traditional work styles, create areas away from the desk area to work. We use standing café tables with bar-height stools, small breakout areas, intimate seating, and other non-traditional meeting areas, such as tables for 2-4. This arrangement gets people away from their desks and allows individuals to work to their needs, either alone or in collaboration.

The dining area is a great place for people to gather, not only to exist as a place to eat and get to know each other, but also for informal meetings, all-hands, and to be a space that evokes a sense of community.

Ultimately, when it comes to optimizing your space for diverse work styles, the goal is that your employees engage with a space that improves their working environment and alleviates problems that affect the way that they work.

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