Does Your Company Need A Knotel Or A Coworking Space?

Which service does your company need: Knotel or coworking? It depends on how much you value future-proofing your business.Knotel adapts to your business needs – whether for a few months or a few years – to ensure that your office space never restricts you. We provide mature, established companies with full floor, customizable headquarters along with terms that flex with your business; we then tailor your office to both your brand and work style and service your staff. Coworking features shared spaces that typically service entrepreneurs and small teams looking to work side by side and network with each other. While the terms are flexible, space is often limited with multiple teams placed on a single floor, meaning growth and tailored service will be a challenge long-term. So which service does your company need? There are four key factors you’ll need to consider before you commit to a provider.

1. Do you want your name on the door — or theirs?

Depending on your team’s size and the strength of your culture, you may want to have a branded space where your mission, values, color scheme, and logo are on display around the office to remind your team of what they are working towards.

Coworking spaces often don’t offer branding services: instead, you’ll find their logo and designs all over your office space. At Knotel, we believe that in order to have a successful, cohesive culture, your own branded floor is crucial– that’s why branding and design is part of your Knotel membership. We’ve helped companies like Cheddar, Stash, and The Body Shop internally brand their HQ so that their employees and clients are able to instantly connect with their mission.

2. Is your team growing?

Are you a small but mighty team of under 10 employees content with the talent you have? Or are you a thriving team of 20+ looking to double or even triple your headcount within the next year?

If you answered “yes” to the first question, popular coworking spaces typically house smaller teams: 70% of companies consist of 1-10 members. However, moving into a coworking space means that you could be sharing a crowded floor with upwards of 25 companies and CEOs.

If your team is welcoming new members every week, then Knotel allows you to add on desks as necessary. In just one year, one of our members grew from 7 to 50 to over 120 employees in a single Knotel space.

3. How much time do you spend having meetings?

According to The Muse, 15% of an organization’s collective time is spent in meetings; that percentage skyrockets to 50% for upper management. There’s no doubt about it: meetings are a large part of the work week and because of that, conference room space is extremely valuable.

At Knotel, there are 40 conference rooms per 100 seats — that’s 4 times as many conference rooms as many popular coworking spaces. This means no conference room booking chaos, no competition with the other startups on your floor, and no time wasted on finding a room: just your own spaces to come up with your next great idea.

4. Who do you want to have access to your company?

Whether you’re a young company or an established organization, protecting your assets should always be a priority. With popular coworking spaces, a 24/7 single-access card is available to members of the entire building — that means hundreds of people you don’t know are able to roam your office floor anytime.

In a Knotel, your company ID belongs to a handful of people: your hires and your dedicated Knotel staff members. You’ll enjoy the comfort of knowing that only the people you’ve hired have access to your space. If you’ve decided that a Knotel is the right move for you (which we hope it is), connect with a growth representative to learn more about how we can support your needs, give you a tour of one of our 30 NYC and SF locations, or tell you about our 2,000+ member network of happy Knotel customers. Email today to set up a call.