Ear Candy For Your Business

Ready to take your business to the next level?

There’s no better way to get easy (and free) advice than by feeding your brain with knowledge from some of the internet’s best business podcasters.

Put on your headphones and check out these five podcasts.

1. <strong><em>StartUp</em></strong>

What’s it like to start and grow a business?

On Gimlet Media’s StartUp, podcaster Alex Blumberg answers that question by turning every step of his own business’ inception into a new episode.

Seven seasons strong, Alex continually updates listeners on the progress and growth of his growing podcast network, as well as the tales of other businesses like American Apparel and Twitch. ​

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: Follow the journey of a venture capitalist making her way through Silicon Valley in season seven’s series with power broker Arlan Hamilton.

2. <strong><em>Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran</em></strong>

If you’ve ever watched Shark Tank, you’ve heard the pitch: Entrepreneur Barbara Corcoran turned a thousand-dollar loan into a real estate empire in Manhattan worth over $5 billion.

In her short weekly podcast, Barbara gives frank advice on subjects like surviving failure, putting together your staff, and growing a company among a sea of large competitors.

Barbara also saves time to answer fan-submitted questions on business matters of all kinds.​

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: Perception is everything as Barbara shares her tale of bluffing her way into becoming New York’s real estate expert.

3. <strong><em>How I Built This</em></strong>

NPR’s How I Built This brings to life the stories of the entrepreneurs and businesspeople behind some of the world’s most recognizable companies.

Hearing from the founders of companies like Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines, and Instagram, you’ll be inspired by how these visionaries grew their ideas into brands we know and love. ​

*MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: Hear how Nolan Bushnell created the iconic Atari and beloved Chuck E. Cheese restaurants before the age of 40. *

4. <strong><em>Love Your Work</em></strong>

Creative entrepreneur and productivity expert David Kadavy is obsessed with setting good habits to help carve out your own definition of success.

In Love Your Work, David interviews everyone from behavioral economists to cognitive neuroscientists to find the best methods of overcoming obstacles and creating fulfilling work.​

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: David gets to the bottom of the origins and importance of time management.

5. <strong><em>BiggerPockets</em></strong>

Hosts Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner provide casual, realistic conversations about investments and real estate.

Offering “real strategies to real people,” this chart-climbing podcast speaks to dealmaking, wealth management, and more.​

MUST-LISTEN EPISODE: BiggerPockets sits down with Rob Oliver to hear how he bought 300 homes while working as a full-time attorney.