How to Design A Space That Inspires Your Team

Anyone who’s ever worked in an inadequate office knows how miserable the experience can be.

Maybe it’s too dark or maybe the walls haven’t been painted in over a decade. Maybe you can’t see a window from where you sit or maybe there aren’t enough spaces to collaborate with your colleagues. Maybe you’re practically sitting on top of several coworkers or maybe it takes you forever to get to work.

Whatever the case may be, these dreary environs don’t exactly inspire our best work.

Quite the contrary: Poorly designed offices hurt productivity, erode employee morale and increase absenteeism.

On the flipside, a well-designed office can encourage employees to enjoy showing up to do their best work every day.

At Knotel, we pride ourselves on delivering inspiring office spaces designed to accommodate each member company’s unique requirements. To do that, we keep the following seven essential elements of office design top of mind with every space we design, build and manage.

  1. Color

The color the walls in your office are painted can impact productivity and employee happiness. While walls that are painted green inspire creativity and productivity, workers probably won’t be too thrilled to show up to an office that’s painted black.

  1. Light

Research has uncovered a link between the presence of natural light in the office and workplace performance. Let more light in and watch your team’s productivity increase.

  1. Nature

The presence of plant life in the office has also been proven to increase productivity and happiness. It turns out we like being next to nature, even when we’re inside.

  1. Space

The physical space employees are given as well as the existence of conference rooms, break areas and other nontraditional workspaces has an enormous impact on work, too. You can’t expect employees to do their best work when they’re packed like sardines inside of glass cubes.

  1. Movement

In addition to having enough space, offices need to be designed with movement in mind, too. How will employees move from Point A to Point B once you’ve moved into your new space? If a worker is forced to sit in a heavily trafficked area where people brush by them every day, it’s unlikely they will be as productive as possible.

  1. Technology

An office that isn’t equipped with modern tech—fast internet, WiFi and adequate charging stations, for starters—will stymie your team. It’s that simple.

  1. Location

Everybody hates commuting. The longer the commute, the worse it is. Not only do long commutes discourage employees, they also claim a lot of time: The average U.S. worker loses 51 minutes each day traveling to and from work. Attracting and retaining top talent starts with working at an office that’s easily accessible. The closer to public transportation, the better.

To see these seven elements in action, stop by Experience by Knotel, our showroom located in the heart of Noho, and start thinking about what they would look like in an office designed specifically for your company.