FiDiaries: A Wedding Planner Takes on Valentine's Month One Dessert at a Time

The annual spike in engagements over the holidays means that January is extra busy at the wedding planning platform where I work in the Financial District, nonetheless my team and I made good on our New Year’s resolutions all January long. Some of us stand a little taller after hitting the gym daily, enforcing weekly tech hiatuses to de-fry our brains, and curtailing booze consumption.

But the rosy dawn of February is upon us and marks a new leg in our journey towards personal excellence. In a couple of weeks, many of us will be slumped over our desks pretending not to mind Valentine’s Day. Oh, and we do mind it. Very much. Because, real talk: Valentine’s Day is anticlimactic at best... unless you do what we’ve done at our office and proclaim February Valentine’s Month. Why not bridge the miserable chasm between joyless January and middling March with a month-long dessert campaign in the workplace? No one could come up with a good answer to this query (besides dental health and diabetes, but whatever), so we proceeded to build a FiDi dessert itinerary to be enjoyed communally and at any time we so wish.

For starters, have your cake and eat it too at the table-less Lady M Cakes in Westfield World Trade Center, where you’ll likely have to smuggle your purchase upstairs to Eataly or savor it in the food court (unless you’re taking it back to work to share like a champion). All seating woes will be forgotten once you’re beasting through Lady M’s chocolate, passionfruit, and earl grey milk crepes, or the revelatory green tea cake, with its airy layers of matcha-infused creaminess. If it’s the full nine-inch confection you desire (rather than a mere slice), it’ll run you nearly a hundred dollars, so you might want to pool for it with your epicurean colleagues. You’ve been warned.

If your trajectory takes you through Fulton Station’s Oculus like mine does, then Grom Gelato is a no-brainer in the quest to sweeten February. Italian ice doesn’t require climbing temperatures to be enjoyed. A scoop of Grom’s show-stoppingly authentic blueberry gelato will warm the cockles of even the chilliest heart, though their deep, dark hot chocolate is nothing to sniff at either. At around $8 per gelato serving with enough for two, you can nevertheless house the whole thing all on your own, because who deserves it more than you?

Now, supposing you want to watch the sunset outside Brookfield Place, but that special something is missing. You’re gazing at the Statue of Liberty beneath the luminous glow of dusk on the Hudson River, but there’s an emptiness deep within. What you need to do is go inside and get yourself a cupcake. Sprinkle Cupcakes will arm you with a triple cinnamon, lemon meringue or coconut cupcake — or all three — and cute wooden cutlery to boot. They’re just classy like that.

My associates and I agree that the ultimate work bromance springs from tender, bounteous donuts, like those made fresh at Dapper Donuts. They’re dainty little things, which creates the pleasing illusion that you’re being somehow responsible by eating them. $12 will buy you nine with a selection of four assorted toppings like smores, blueberry lemon, Nutella or, for the minimalist, funnel cake. Theoretically, this steep dollar-to-donut ratio will keep you from bringing binge-level quantities back from the Fulton Station location for coffee breaks.

You might just also want to dazzle your workmates with a little FiDi rarity in the one-of-a-kind office building at 77 Water Street, whose lobby accommodates a replica of a candy shoppe from the early 1900s. After taking in the old-timey vibes, you can all head home and in the spirit of Valentine’s Month, enjoy what Whitney Houston deemed to be the greatest love of all: learning to love yourself.