How Can We Plan for Short-Term Growth In Our Knotel Space?

Welcome to Q&A with Knotel Design, a blog series where we speak with the Knotel Design team on building, branding, and designing custom spaces that reflect the culture, mission, and needs of growing companies. The Knotel Design Team has put together the beautiful and innovative offices of companies like Cheddar, Teachable, and SimilarWeb.

Q: How can we plan for short-term growth in our Knotel space?

A: Knotel’s business model is working around growth, and we build out and furnish our spaces accordingly – whether that is short-term or long-term. Rather than having empty desks, we prefer using the open space more efficiently by arranging the furniture, using plants as natural dividers, or by incorporating gaming areas to break up the area and encourage interaction. Most of our members are scaling and we grow with them accordingly. For example, our member Stash, a young, digital investing company, started with a partial floor and rapidly grew out of their half of the space in 3 months! They went from taking 14,000 sq ft to now comfortably filling 25,000 sq ft (and growing). A unique design element that will carry over to their full floor space are the quirky and colorful designs of each conference room, which includes wall coverings that match the theme of each room and custom conference room signage.

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