How Close Is Too Close?

When you started your business, you dreamed big.

Or at least you thought you did.

In the beginning, you planned for the future and estimated your workforce needs.

Now, three years later, your company has grown tremendously. Your staffing levels are 30% higher than you anticipated.

This is great news!

Except for the fact that your office is now 30% overcrowded. And your employees are practically sitting on top of each other—to the point it seems impossible for anyone to get any work done.

The above scenario plays out all across the country every day. Companies often find themselves in need of more office space while they’re locked into long-term leases that aren’t flexible and don’t allow for expansion.

If this sounds familiar, all hope is not lost.

Here are some ideas that should help you free up some space in your crowded office.


Not the number of people—the size of the work areas.

Businesses used to allott 200 to 250 square feet per employee. Depending on the nature of the work, those figures might still be accurate for some companies.

However, unless your workers need dedicated, extra-large workstations with drafting boards or their own private couches, you can probably get by with much less.

Millennial workers, for example, enjoy having the option to work anywhere in an office setting. By creating flexible work areas that aren’t owned by an individual, you can cut that the amount of space each employee needs down to 150 or even 100 square feet.

To get the most out of your office space, consider options like:

  • Open floor plans instead of cubicles
  • Conference room work areas
  • Lounge-style seating
  • Long bar-height tables as workstations

The bottom line? Reconfigure your office and you might find out you have enough room—at least for the time being.


With internal office structures becoming more laid back, the idea of flextime—a system where employees can set their own hours, so long as employers agree to them—is gaining even more popularity.

Some people are super productive in the morning. Others, not so much. Some have family obligations throughout the day. Others take classes in the evening.

By allowing workers to set their own hours, you give them the power to control their own schedules. Not only does this make them happier and more productive, it also allows you to utilize office space more economically while increasing trust and resilience at your company.

These options may be able to help you make a crowded situation more spacious. But a better way to solve the overcrowded office problem is to avoid it altogether in the first place.

By partnering with a flexible lease provider like Knotel, you gain access to bespoke office space that grows with your company. With Knotel, you can build the exact workstations your team needs to reach their full potential.

There’s no sense in worrying about an overcrowded office if you don’t have to. Partner with Knotel today and stop thinking about where your team will sit. Focus instead on what’s most important: growing your business.