How Knotel London is helping customers virtually plan for their return to the workspace

As companies develop their plans to return to the workspace, our customers have been searching for ways to better prepare themselves and their employees to adapt to new hybrid work setups. In particular, they were searching for a way to share information about their COVID-adapted workspaces that was more engaging than an email blast.

Our London team, understanding the pain of navigating a return to workspace amidst COVID-19, quickly responded to our customers’ new COVID pain points. They leveraged Matterport, the 3D camera and virtual tour software we use, to virtually scan customer workspaces.

The benefits of a workspace scan

Matterport 3D workspace scans enable our customers to visualize every aspect of their workspace, so that they can work with us to configure their space to be COVID-compliant.

The scans also allow customers to provide greater visibility to their employees, so they can show them how their workspace will operate in future. An added bonus is the ability to jumpstart recruitment efforts for potential hires when in-person visits are not possible. This increased transparency has boosted confidence for employees across our customer companies, allowing people to feel more comfortable with going back after visualizing the adapted workspace.

Showcasing the best aspects of your workspace

Matterport 3D workspace scans can highlight the most attractive aspects of your workspace, helping you attract future talent even when you can’t be in the office, and reminding your employees of all the benefits your office has to offer.

Better prepare your employees for their return to the office

From wellness wayfinding signage to sanitation stations, you can create visual callouts in your workspace scans to better educate your employees about your space’s new safety features.

Easily assign seats and designated workspaces

Call out seating arrangements and designated workspaces for your team, so that they know where they can work while also adhering to your company’s COVID adaptations.

All Knotel customers in London have access to our Matterport 3D workspace scans. If you’re interested in learning more about this service and working with Knotel, get in touch with us by emailing