How To Choose Conference Room Names For Your New Office Space

You just moved into a new headquarters with an abundance of conference rooms (a breath of fresh air after fighting for meeting rooms in your last shared space).

Now you’re ready to design and brand your office space.

Aside from putting your logo up on the walls and buying couch pillows with your brand colors, naming the conference rooms where your team will decide everything from department initiatives to all-company goals is key to infusing culture into your office space. The challenge, however, is making these names both creative and inspiring — after all, conference room “7A West” won’t get your employees excited to brainstorm great ideas.

One approach? Get in the mindset of your users.

Knotel member company WayUp, a marketplace for college students to find jobs, names its conference rooms after landmarks at Penn, the alma mater of the two cofounders Liz Wessel and JJ Fliegelman. From conference room names like Franklin Field to Van Pelt Library, WayUp employees are fully immersed in a college campus-turned-office space — a constant reminder of their user base. Similarly, member company Well+Good, a nutrition and wellness site consumed by readers committed to a healthier, happier lifestyle, has named its conference rooms after mood-enhancing crystals like Moonstone, Amethyst, and Quartz.

You can do the same for your conference rooms by choosing something that relates to your users and your business: from infamous current events if you’re a news company to favorite dinner dishes if your business is food. Get your employees to weigh in with their ideas and suggest naming systems so that they have a hand in branding your space, then reach out to our Knotel team to help you with any and all office branding-related questions. (After all, branding and furnishing is part of your Knotel membership.)

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