How Can We Transform Our Space Into An Internal Branding Tool?

Because the office is where employees spend most of their time, it’s a powerful tool for keeping the brand top of mind and allowing your company’s culture to shine through. We asked the experts of the Knotel Design team (KD) for their advice on creating strong internal branding through your office space.

1. Focus on your customers

Some companies highly value breakout spaces that allow people to take their mind off of the day-to-day of their jobs and focus on the big picture: their customers.

One of our members, whose customers are college students, relied on KD’s help in recreating a college campus feel within the office. They purchased foosball tables, swings, bean bags, and even bleachers for their recreation area. This setup is not only fun but also immerses employees in the customer’s world and gets them thinking like their target audience.

2. Focus on the employee experience

Your best brand ambassadors are your employees, but no employee is going to want to promote your brand if it’s not a great place to work.

Knotel member Jackpocket, a mobile lottery app, uses fun amenities to reinforce internal branding and culture. Their space features a rec room with foosball, a keg (and a disco ball) in the kitchen and lounge area, and a rooftop couch, creating a space where employees can have just as much fun as their customers. KD also receives gaming requests from members whose brand is more relaxed, like ping pong tables that can double as conference tables.
Aside from literal interactive additions, if your brand revolves around collaboration or community-building, KD also creates interactive spaces where you can bump shoulders and talk to someone that you don’t normally work with. This setup gets employees away from their desks and allows them to informally meet at a standing table.

3. Highlight your values

Your values are the guiding principles of your organization, so your employees should know them and embody them. To incorporate our member Cheddar’s values into their Battery Park space, KD created large decals of their values and featured them on columns throughout the office, which can be viewed from multiple areas on their floor. This ensured that employees would be able to see the company’s guiding principles and know them by heart.

Once internal branding is in place, external branding comes naturally.

Internal branding through your space also doubles as external branding. When your space reflects what your company does, you’re easily able to showcase your brand to clientele, investors, and even top talent.
Our member Stash, whose space is branded with creative conference room names, neon signage that features their taglines, and signature brand colors, hosted over 200 candidates for Built In NYC at their Flatiron HQ.
Your space has the potential to be your ultimate brand and marketing tool. For more ways to tailor it to your brand, inquire about our offerings.