Jason Freedman Discusses ‘Tidal Wave’ Sweeping CRE on the Augmented City Podcast

Jason Freedman, GM of 42Floors by Knotel, appeared on The Augmented City podcast this week to discuss how commercial real estate is evolving into a more customer-focused model, and why having a single source of truth about buildings will transform the industry.

“We have one major movement, and it’s a tidal wave,” said Freedman. “The concept is a new flexible office provider standing in the middle” of the traditional tenant-landlord relationship. “All these new operators like Knotel, are coming in and saying ‘Why don’t we take the lease and then sub-lease some portion of that under much easier terms.’”

Listen here as Jason talks with host John du pre Gauntt about the changes roiling the commercial real estate business, as well as Baya.io, the blockchain-based platform he’s building, which will roll out in early 2019.