Why I Joined Knotel: Rachel Meranus, CMO

I’ve answered this question a bunch in the past few days and now I want to share my thoughts more broadly.

As I’ve explored new opportunities over the past couple of months, I’ve asked myself what type of company I want to work for; what I value most, and what will keep me challenged and motivated as I enter this next chapter.

I narrowed it down to a few important things to look for in a new company.

  • Purpose: I want to work for a company that strives to be better and to do better every day; a company that has a broader purpose than simply turning a profit.

  • People: I want to be surrounded by smart, interesting, and funny people. I want to feel like I’m part of a community.

  • Progress: I want a career defining moment. I’ve done a lot and been very successful, but this time I want something even bigger. I want to be challenged, but not bullied (trust me, that’s a real thing as a woman).

These three things governed how I evaluated every opportunity that came my way. And this is why I chose Knotel.

Just the other day, I read an article in Harvard Business Review that really reinforced this. Written by Facebook’s senior HR and People leaders Lori Goler, Janelle Gale, Brynn Harrington, and Wharton professor and author Adam Grant, the article, “The 3 Things Employees Really Want: Career, Community, Cause” discusses research Facebook undertook to discover how Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs has changed and what that means for the modern workplace; what motivates today’s professionals?
The authors discovered that there are three main motivating factors that employees of all ages, in all job functions, spanning numerous geographies, value. They are: Career, Cause, and Community. Strikingly similar to my own personal evaluation criteria.

The challenges and opportunities I face as the new CMO of Knotel will easily define my Career. Knotel is disrupting a massive, very traditional market, and reshaping the way companies think about their office space and the impact that has on their purpose and culture.

Knotel’s focus on Cause is intentional, far-reaching, and inspiring. From advocating on behalf of immigrants rights (including against the immigration ban and in support of sanctuary cities), and in support of equal rights for all people, to helping to train and assimilate those who are entering the workforce after incarceration, to taking a public stance on other issues of importance (including in favor of the Paris Climate Accord and Net Neutrality), Knotel is working hard to make this world a better place.

Lastly, not only did I join a company whose intrinsic values of collaboration, inclusion, diversity, and community are exhibited every day through each person, but the member community Knotel is building will become a foundation that spurs ongoing personal and professional growth for all who take part.

To say I am thrilled with my new home would be an understatement.

– Rachel Meranus, CMO @ Knotel