Knotel COO Jonathan Goldberg Explains Why the Most Innovative Companies Speak Their Conscience

In an article penned for <em></em>, Knotel COO Jonathan Goldberg outlines the myriad reasons it makes sense for companies to take a stand on social issues—and it goes way beyond the bottom line.

Aside from the fact that the majority of millennials, who will soon make up half of the workforce, prioritize fulfillment in their careers, Jonathan notes that “given the cascading impact of their decisions onto consumers and other stakeholders,” companies are in a uniquely powerful position to effect positive social change. Nike’s recent campaign with Colin Kaepernick is the perfect example.

Jonathan points out that when it comes to corporate social responsibility, “[n]ot making a choice is actually a choice, and leadership teams would be wise to develop a point of view and how it ties to their business.”

He recommends that companies empower their HR teams with a seat at the table: “A strong function can help stitch together business KPIs and impact opportunities by shaping values. These become north stars for evaluating employee performance and business relevance around the question: ‘are we living into our mission?’”

At Knotel, one of our core values is Don’t Look Away—an ideal that we regularly act upon, as Jonathan writes, by “speaking out on the issues that impact our staff and members, including immigration reform and recruiting from formerly incarcerated and refugee backgrounds.” Knotel also offers equity to every employee, which reflects another of our core values, Share in the Victory Dance. “There’s no small role here,” says Jonathan.

Ultimately, Jonathan says, “when done well, business and impact should fuel one another.”

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