Knotel Launches Artist-in-Residence Program

An office is so much more than four walls and the furniture within it. It’s about the people within, and how productive they are in the space your company calls home. At Knotel, our newly launched Artist-In-Residence (AIR) program engages our members to consider how their companies’ brands and visions are best expressed through visual art, ultimately making their Agile HQs even more curated. An original art installation contributes to company culture not just in ideation, of course, but in the final product as well: people are engaged with art that speaks to themselves and their work.

Erik Otto, Knotel’s current artist-in-residence, makes art that “hosts an environment for controlled chaos — often a balance of improvisational layering combined with careful construction.” His work expresses the notion that “life is constantly happening and becoming, most often beyond our recognition.”

Life doesn’t pause when you are in the office: the most successful companies invest heavily in office spaces that emphasize and facilitate their values. At Knotel, we’ve thoughtfully designed a process that enables an artist to distill your company’s values visually: talismans of culture, not some stock screenprint like “Work Hard, Play Hard.”

Our artist-in-residence considers your office’s specific needs and identity in a consultation aimed at capturing the spirit of your company and the individuals who comprise your team. The completed art installation is purposefully bespoke to your office so that your company extracts maximum value out of its Knotel space. For King, the mobile-gaming company, Otto created a piece of art that embodies King’s mission: bring moments of magic to everyday life.

Knotel’s AIR program is designed to bring out the best in each office space through the vision and craftsmanship of professional artists. Our goal is always to fully curate the Agile HQ so that every office has the best possible environment to help companies realize their visions. Art is just one of the many ways Knotel helps companies achieve success.