How To Manage The Offices Of The Future

How will technology enhance the connected buildings of the future? And, more broadly, how has the arrival of new technology changed facilities management over the last several years?

Those topics and more were discussed with gusto at a recent Propmodo Live event hosted at Knotel’s headquarters in Manhattan. The event highlighted trends in facilities management and explored how technology will enhance the connected buildings of the future—including BlackRock’s new 875,000-square foot headquarters that’s slated to open in New York City in 2022.

Kristen Sterner, Knotel’s head of design and construction, and Gary Fescine, BlackRock’s head of global building operations, kicked off the event with an engaging conversation about how technology is changing corporate facilities. BlackRock, for example, is using a cloud-based energy monitoring platform in its quest to realize a 30% reduction in greenhouse emissions by 2023. The group also talked about how companies are increasingly outsourcing facilities management, or at least certain tasks, to other vendors.

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