Office Manager 2.0: Focus on the Business

Technology disrupts media, transportation, vacation rentals and much more, including office life. While some of the social transformations have lead to lost jobs (see: the Internet’s effect on print media) many have instead just changed the nature of work.

For years, the office manager has dealt with everything from vacation schedules to phones, bookkeeping, budgets and IT. Many office managers find themselves distracted dealing with mundane-yet-critical tasks like screwing in lightbulbs, dealing with broken HVAC units and making sure there’s enough hand soap in the bathroom.

Enter the Agile HQ™ Platform, offered by Knotel. The idea: dedicated personnel to handle some of the more menial tasks, like ordering water for the water cooler. The remote Knotel assistant gives office managers more freedom to pursue the most valuable tasks, like managing the budget, interacting with employees and new hires and building a growing company’s culture.

A job killer? Nope. Having an on-site office manager is critical for most companies. But the agile workplace’s near-OCD obsession with wise productivity — with using technology and other tools to eliminate time-wasting burdens from the shoulders of employees, and liberating them to pursue truly meaningful work — is revolutionizing the office manager’s important role.

It’s not just remote assistants who today are revolutionizing the office experience for so many workers. Services like FancyHands, for example, quickly respond to email requests (for example, schedule a call with the CFO on Friday, make a haircut appointment, research vendor prices office smartphones) with solutions. Need people to snag things for the office — everything from office cords to pizza to a box of pink wigs? Workers at Postmates will get it done for you. Posting job descriptions and finding temps is tedium removed from employees through services like Wonolo, which post empty jobs and find temps within minutes.

The network crashes? Services like Boomtown and HelloTech will bring it back to life. Even CEO’s can find tech helpers. Clarity, for example, acts as a virtual sounding board for executives who need fast help on tough business problems.

As the leading Agile HQ™ Platform Knotel offers remote help for overworked office managers. A fast-growing landscape of apps and other technologies also can eliminate productivity-sapping tasks from employees’ vast “to do” lists. The office is in the midst of a revolution, a transformation that simultaneously optimizes productivity and office well-being. Get on board and embrace the future.