Our favorite moments of the year

From seeing colleagues (masked up) to helping customers move in the middle of a pandemic, there were plenty of moments in this difficult year that made us smile.

From London and Paris to New York and Tokyo, we’ve cobbled together some of our favorite photos — and memories — of the year.

Touring in a COVID world

Sophie Higgins, who leads Knotel's Commercial arm in London, shares her thoughts on touring in a COVID world. Despite the hardships of 2020, seeing our colleagues in person brought huge smiles to our faces.

Becoming antiracist & fighting for social justice

When we launched the Knotel Diversity Series earlier this summer, a program borne out of our commitment to cultivate an antiracist corporate culture, we didn’t quite know what to expect.

Fast forward several months — and after a slew of conversations with Chief Diversity Officers at brands like SAP, Netflix, and more — we’re even more inspired than when we started. Here are 5 lessons from our talks with these leaders.

Live from Tokyo

We opened our first workspace in Tokyo as part of the Shinagawa Intercity mixed-use complex. Pictures of the space can be viewed here.

Our new NYC HQ

We weren't just helping customers move in this year. Like many other companies reevaluating their real estate footprint and workspace needs, we moved into a new HQ better suited to our new working style.

We can't wait to all be back together in the same space. Here's hoping for brighter days ahead in 2021!

Driving back into the office with Turo

Turo is the world’s largest carsharing marketplace. The company was growing at a blistering clip until everything changed overnight. The company’s leadership explains why workplace flexibility is more than just a buzzword.

Xavier Collins, Turo's Senior Director, recently shared his experience working with the Knotel team to build out a UK workspace for the SF-based carsharing giant. Check out the video here.

From Paris with love

The team at OpenClassrooms' sought a playful new space that reflected the company's colorful learning culture. Our Paris team matched OpenClassrooms with the perfect 2200-square-meter space, complete with outdoor terrace, a huge break room and informal meeting areas throughout.

With COVID considerations front of mind, there are also perspex screens in shared areas, hand sanitizing stations throughout. Check out more of the pictures here.

Moving in a pandemic

Busuu’s lease was coming to an end and the team was searching for a new London HQ in the midst of COVID. The company’s Co-Founder and CEO, Bernhard Niesner, wanted a central location that was easily accessible for his entire team.

Knotel’s partnership with Busuu relied heavily on proactive and constant communication between the teams as they planned for a healthy and safe return to the office. Read the full story here.

A workspace fit for a king (DraftKings, to be precise)

It's not every day you encounter a customer like DraftKings — a company that's growing at a rapid clip in the multi-billion dollar online sports betting industry.

With 1,000 employees (and growing) spread across locations in Boston, New York, Hoboken, Las Vegas, and San Francisco, the DraftKings team knew that translating the company's strong culture across state lines was paramount.

We jumped at the chance to provide that service for them in San Francisco, and the rest is history. Check out their winning new workspace here.

Our CBS Sunday Morning debut

We'll admit, watching CBS Sunday Morning is part of our Sunday ritual. That's why it was extra special to be able to be invited to (virtually) tape a segment with the team over the summer.

"In some ways, this virus is a workplace virus, it's an office virus," said Amol Sarva, our co-founder and CEO "This is one of the few things that ever happened that shut every office in the world down." Watch the full clip here.

Heads of Real Estate (Xerox, Uber, Dropbox & more)

Being relegated to working from home for most of the year meant we had to get creative. We were fortunate to be joined by Heads of Real Estate from some of today's top companies, to help us understand how they're rethinking their approach to real estate and workspace.

Visit our Resource Center to see sessions from top executives from ADP, Randstad, Dropbox, Uber, Lego, and many more.