PropTech Promotes Customer-Focus Shift and CEOs Take Note

At its annual NYC meeting on November 6, MIPIM PropTech brought together the real estate tech industry’s best and brightest to discuss the shift of the market to prioritizing customer experience, and how the creation and deployment of new technology is bringing new transparency and efficiency to bear.

Knotel’s own VP of Product, Sanjiv Sanghavi, was there to give an invitation-only presentation to CEOs from technology companies and other sectors on PropTech and design, and the future of modular construction. If you didn’t score an invite (hey, we can’t all be CEOs) we happen to have an “in” with Sanjiv, so here’s the scoop.

The construction industry is not keeping up with the times, in more ways than one. A large chunk of time is still spent time fixing avoidable mistakes, projects usually go over budget, and contractors are still using drywall (which was invented in 1912, by the way, and is terrible for the environment).

But PropTech has something to offer everyone, from property owners focused on net operating income and keeping vacancy low, to commercial tenants, who care about cost, productivity, and employee happiness.

How? Sanjiv’s team believes in embracing the user, not the tech, by focusing on simplicity, core needs, and keeping intrusions on time and space to a minimum.

“With PropTech we are building connections between all of our buildings and things that we do. This technology allows us to collect data and aggregate it to make our projects more cost-effective and sustainable.”

Realizing these goals with PropTech is four-fold:

– Improving processes and speeding up supply-and-demand timelines

– Implementing seamless data flows

– Using automation

– Introducing modular construction

Modular construction, aka simply snapping pre-made building components into place instead of cutting and erecting materials onsite from scratch, is particularly important in making building projects more sustainable, responsive and cost efficient.

Sanjiv’s team has made it possible for Knotel to build spaces in days, not months, tear down spaces in a weekend, and build 100% modular offices.

“Knotel is redefining flexibility with options to redefine the spaces, not just the term.”

And there are plenty more ideas where these came from. Interested? Request a consultation with us.