Q&A with David Jones, Knotel’s VP of Operations and Workshops

When David Jones was thinking about how prospective clients could physically experience Knotel’s Agile HQ offering, he and his team decided to create a pop-up experience in an area with a lot of foot traffic: downtown New York City, right on the bustling corner of Broadway and Bond Street.

The Experience by Knotel pop up opened in June and was intended to showcase Knotel’s brand, culture and its Agile HQ offering to potential and existing clients.

“Summer is a time of celebration, mixing and mingling. It’s also a time when people are looking for new space. The pop up has been a great way to meet and bring people together,” Jones told Storefront Magazine in an interview published this week. The space has been such a success that it has been extended into the fall.

At Experience by Knotel, prospective clients can either walk in or schedule a tour to see the breadth of our offering. In collaboration with our clients and business partners, we have hosted events such as a Pride Month party, a discussion about the future of the #MeToo movement and a bloody Mary-fueled brunch in honor of the World Cup finals.

For more, please check out the interview with David Jones in Storefront magazine and visit us at 666 Broadway.