Say Hello Hello to Knotel’s New Brand Evolution

Here at Knotel, we bring our customers’ brands to life each and every day through tailored workspaces that tell the story of who they are and what they do. Our workspace platform is grounded in flexibility, design, and strategy, which means we have built out company-wide systems that maximize efficiency at every step of the way.

Ironically, the one system we didn’t fully have in place was our very own brand. Ask any startup with our growth and you might find a similar conundrum. Things were a bit messy, to say the least.

The time had come to codify our brand with a visual and verbal system that truly represented our adaptive intelligence. We teamed up with Elmwood, a brand design consultancy, to mine every part of our past and current world — from visual to verbal, competitive to colloquial — in search of brand artifacts that could underpin our redesign.

Through a process of breaking apart, reconstructing and expanding pieces of our wordmark, we developed a bold and, more importantly, adaptable brand identity that mirrors our approach. It can flex to every touch point, everywhere around the world.

As we steam ahead through the last quarter of a year that has already been full of major milestones, it feels very fitting that we’re rolling out a redesign for our rapidly growing company. Now, from Amsterdam to Washington, D.C., and beyond, we are united under a brand ecosystem that represents our adaptable services and pioneering spirit.