Snacks, Slack and Other Amenities that Attract Millennial Talent

Getting your company to the next level starts with hiring the best workers possible—and doing everything within your power to convince them to stick around.

It may be hard for some to believe, but millennials already make up the biggest percentage of the U.S. workforce. By 2025, it’s expected that this younger generation—those born between 1980 and 2000—will account for 75% of all U.S. employees.

Here are five office perks that will help businesses like yours attract and retain top talent. With the right game plan, you can drastically reduce the turnover expenses that cripple other companies.

1. Reliable, modern technology
Millennials grew up with technology. Professionally, they no longer ask to be given the tools they need to work diligently. They expect it. And they expect those tools to work perfectly.

For example, millennials aim to use tech to streamline their workflows as much as they can. They also prefer using messaging platforms like Slack or Hangouts that enable them to work collaboratively with ease. Millennials are intimately familiar with smartphones and expect to be able to use mobile devices to tackle their work, too.

If your company is running on outdated tech—like eight-year-old laptops that have been passed down and clunky apps that are constantly crashing—odds are at least some of your younger workers will be looking for the first opportunity to jump ship. In fact, one study found that 42% of millennials would leave a company if it had suboptimal technology.

2. Inspiring Spaces
Millennials want to work in offices that inspire them and connect with them personally.

To this end, companies should create unique, branded workspaces that reflect their values—instead of expecting their teams to work out of run-of-the-mill offices that could be built for any company.

A recent Harvard Business Review article compares the perceptions of employees who feel connected to the offices they work to those that do not: Workers with a greater sense of “place identity” feel personally connected to the physical space they work in, viewing it as more collaborative, energetic, and comfortable, while those who lack place identity see the same space as cluttered and noisy.

3. Flexibility
Millennials love flexibility. They don’t want to be forced to work in the same spot every day.

Instead, they prefer being able to move from one workspace to the next, choosing the best spot for the project or task at hand.

Keep employees engaged by enabling them to work in a number of different settings: a desk, a conference room, an informal lounge, outside, and from home (at least every now and again).

If it makes sense, let them set their own flexible schedules, too. After all, 82% of millennials say they’d be more loyal to flexible employers.

4. Professional Development
A recent Gallup study found that 87% of millennials say professional development opportunities are very important. When applying for jobs, 59% of millennials consider how many opportunities for growth each company offers.

Increase millennial retention by supporting their careers. Send them to relevant trade shows, conferences, and workshops. Allow them to learn things outside the scope of their “official” job responsibilities. Encourage them to attend networking events. Mentor them.

5. Snacks
It’s impossible to do your best work on an empty stomach. If you want to keep millennials around and in a good mood, feed them.

Not surprisingly, workers are happier when they have access to free food and drink. This tendency affects millennials the most; 48% of these younger workers say they’d consider whether a company offers free food when deciding where to work. This is the reason why smart companies are increasingly feeding their teams.

What kind of food do younger workers want? Millennials are known to munch on snacks that contain whole grains, real fruit, and added minerals and vitamins. When possible, they prefer healthier options that are locally sourced.

In addition to satisfying their hunger and quenching their thirst, free food and drink also keeps your team in the office longer, which should translate into an uptick in productivity.

Winning the war for talent is no easy feat. With the right combination of amenities, however, the daunting task of attracting and retaining top talent becomes a little bit easier. Knotel can help your company excel by creating a space that attracts the best talent in top-tier markets around the world.