The Fast-Growing Health Tech Startup That Outgrew Coworking

Cota, a big data company focused on oncology, had a problem: they were outgrowing their space. Fifty employees had become 80 and was soon to become 120+.

Not only that, but their work involved handling sensitive patient information that needed to be protected within a secure IT environment to be compliant with the law.

A WeWork member at the time, Cota realized their complex needs weren’t being met: they had no room to grow, and they coexisted with too many other companies who had access to their space. Coworking was literally inhibiting their growth.

Then COTA found Knotel.

Within a matter of weeks, Knotel solved for space and for tech and compliance issues.

Knotel built an HQ for Cota in Battery Park, exactly where they wanted to be and with as much space and data protection as they needed – all within their budget.

Since going to Knotel, Cota has been growing headache-free, including forming a partnership with IBM Watson to amplify their business.

Cota is one of dozens of companies that have outgrown coworking and moved into their own HQs. Is your company next?