The Making Of Our Finest HQ Yet: Cheddar

A few months after streaming news company Cheddar launched in 2016, theteam signed a flexible lease at Knotel Battery Park.

Not only did Knotel provide Cheddar with branded headquarters…

…customized interior design…

…and best-in-class infrastructure and tech support…

…**Knotel** also helped Cheddar grow. Because Cheddar‘s resources were spent on business needs — not office space headaches — the team grew from 7 to 50 employees in 6 months at Knotel Battery, and their viewership skyrocketed to 1M live views a day.

Both Knotel and Cheddar have come full circle: this summer, Cheddar hosted Knotel’s CEO Amol Sarva at Knotel Battery Park to discuss how founders can flourish in fast-moving tech.

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This is just one of the many examples of how Knotel helps company founders do great things by providing a platform for their ventures, from a scalable HQ to a broadcast studio. What could Knotel do for your brand?

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