Why VCs Love Agile Workplaces – Part III

We’ve talked about why the agile model is suited to startups because it can better respond to market conditions and help unleash growth. But the appeal of an agile office goes even further.

Traditional office leases are space-centered. When a landlord has space, they simply try to find a creditworthy company to fill it. Following lease negotiations, the two parties mostly go their own ways and the tenant is responsible for managing the space.

Agile office leases are client-centered. The agile office provider assesses the needs of the customer in order to find the right space. After the arrangements are finalized, the agile office provider often continues as something of a strategic partner and oversees maintenance and support.

Krystle Mobayeni, who has taken her startup, BentoBox, from a tech incubator through a seed round and successfully closing Series A funding, understands the challenges of growing quickly. Rather than signing a long-term traditional lease to accommodate her expanding team, she partnered with agile headquarters provider Knotel, saying:

“__The flexibility that Knotel has given BentoBox while we’ve been growing has been unbelievable. Figuring out office space as we scaled our team could have been a huge distraction, but we were able to focus on the important things.”

By eliminating that maintenance burden, agile office leases enable startups to concentrate their attention on driving revenue. Time, which is always in short supply at startups, is devoted to product and business development rather than physical plant issues. It also allows growing companies to direct their hiring dollars toward roles that can have an outsized impact on the business, as opposed to just maintaining the office and keeping the lights on.

Venture capitalists expect founders, CEOs, COOs and CFOs to be strategic in every way. Agile office leases protect startups from making expensive, restrictive long-term commitments and allow them to focus intensely on becoming market leaders and generating returns for their investors. Request your Knotel consultation today.