What If You Could Get a New HQ in 3 Weeks Or Less?

What if you could have your next HQ ready to go in under a month? Our member company SOSA, one of the leading Tel Aviv innovation labs, signed a flexible, 18-month term with Knotel in January of this year — just enough time to test their model in the U.S. market. Knotel found, furnished, and customized the 6,600 square foot space in just a few weeks over Christmas, condensing a multi-month, small fortune project to their timeline and budget.

SOSA NYC has already filled Knotel Union Square to capacity with over 75 entrepreneurs and innovators and expanded its network to 3,500 startups and 150 multinational corporations. The Knotel advantage is clear: free up your time and resources and watch your business benefit. Are you ready to get your next HQ on demand?