Finding Your "Work From Home" Style

Watch Knotel CEO Amol Sarva and Director of Data Ops Patrick Leiser discuss Finding Your Work From Home Style.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, many of us are staying home during the workday for the safety of ourselves and our colleagues. So let's take a moment and talk about thriving while working from home.

Here at Knotel, some of us have been working remote-first for more than five years. Given that wealth of experience, we've learned a thing or two about making the most of the situation and maximizing productivity while away from the office. Here are some of things we do.

Try Brady Bunch Mode

Working remotely usually means a lot of video conferencing, so try to make it fun and personable.

Keep your camera enabled and turned on. Lean in. Make eye contact.

And turn on Brady Bunch View so you can see your whole team at the same time. Bonus points for high-fives.

More Knote, Fewer Meetings

Knote is an internal tool used by our company to post major updates, track company metrics, and enable execs to easily share plans, performance, company priorities.

If you have Knote or a similar communiucations app, use it to update everyone on what you're doing and what you've done that day. If you don't have a Knotepad started, try it.

More Slack, Less Email

When you're on Slack, all projects probably have a room of their own, so you don't need to start countless email chains to keep everyone apprised of your progress.

At Knotel, we also have one room dedicated to general chatter. If you find you're sending tons of emails all of a sudden, it's probably time to jump to Slack.

Zoom Social Time

You probably can't make it to a bar after work, so consider hosting happy hour on Zoom instead. Zoom is a handy conferencing platform that lets you share screens and quickly connect to coworkers around the world. You can even use it to schedule happy hour during business hours. Maybe even play some music.

Your agenda for the hangout? Talk about life. For those of us who can never hear anyone at a loud bar, this is actually a good thing.

And remember: BYOB.

Bonus points: Invite other departments and turn it into a Zoom Mixer.

Zoom Office Hours

Remote-working office hours are sort of like having a virtual meeting, but with a one-on-one vibe.

Publish the agenda ahead of time, but tell everyone they only have to show up for their own time slot. Alternatively, you can tell everyone that they're invited to join for anything and everything.

Record and share afterwards. Turn 8 meetings into one fast-paced check-in.

Show Off Your Home and Family Proudly

Don't feel the need to hide the fact that you're working from home. Introduce your family and friends. Show off your messy living room.

Let your kids jump on and say "Hi" in their own way. Your kids should never miss an opportunity to show everyone who's boss.

In these trying times, we could all benefit from making daily work--especially when working off-site, as millions of employees around the world are now doing--a little more fun, friendly, and intimate.