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No matter the size or stage of your company, the ability to quickly adapt to the changing world is critical. Knotel is an office space platform built just for that purpose. Our flexible terms offer the freedom to progress and evolve in an environment where your team is set up to succeed.

Agile HQ
On Demand

Agile HQ

Knotel Agile HQ is office space designed for individual companies from the ground up. Your team will thrive in a tailored space that embodies your brand identity, aligned with your goals.

On Demand

Knotel On Demand gets your team in the right space, quickly. Give your team a space that looks and feels the part, even when the luxury of time is not on your side.

How it works

1. Location

Identifying the neighborhoods where you can thrive

2. Workplace Strategy

Designing for how your team works

3. Design

Tailoring the space to reflect your identity

4. Furnish and Brand

Optimizing for different workstyles and branding for your identity

5. Space Operations

Managing the space behind the scenes

1. Location

Identifying available pre-furnished On Demand spaces where your team can thrive

2. Brand Your Space

Optimized for different workstyles and branded for your identity

3. Space Operations

Managing the space behind the scenes so your team can focus

Why Us?

Some of the best companies in the world choose Knotel and here’s why

Unique Workspace

Our platform gives you everything you need

Flex Terms
Workplace Strategy
Beautiful Design

Capital Efficiency

Focus your cash on the right things

Save on CapEx
Furniture Cost
$0 Broker/Legal
Fees & big Deposit

A Simpler Journey

Finding an office can be overwhelming. Not with us. We provide a single point of contact so you don’t have to spend your whole day coordinating.

Commercial Lease

Maximize your potential

Workplace Strategy is the foundation of the Knotel experience — in other words, how to make the office more than just a container for workers. We expertly design our work settings to adapt to teams and their distinctive traits.

Beautiful design that reflects your values and objectives

We provide a dedicated design team to translate each member’s workstyle and brand into a unique interior.


Stocked Kitchen
Fresh coffee
Delicious Beverages
Quality Supplies
Fast Wifi
Security Services
Exclusive Perks
Event spaces
Office updates
Facilities Management

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